Born in China (2017)

Born in China (2017)

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Soundtrack music Born in China (2017)

  • Barnaby TaylorWolf Attack
  • Barnaby TaylorThe Cycle of Life
  • EurielleSong of Life
  • Barnaby TaylorMei Mei Exploring
  • Barnaby TaylorGolden Monkeys
  • Barnaby TaylorBorn in China
  • Barnaby TaylorYa Ya and Mei Mei
  • Barnaby TaylorJourney to the Mountains
  • Barnaby TaylorChiru
  • Barnaby TaylorHigh Plains Tango
  • Barnaby TaylorAutumn
  • Barnaby TaylorThe Lost Boys
  • Barnaby TaylorSnow Monkeys
  • Barnaby TaylorTau Tau's Rejection
  • Jim Davies (aka James Donald Davies "Electropunk" Extreme Music)Burn This City
  • Barnaby TaylorNew Beginnings
  • The Lemon PipersGreen Tambourine
  • Barnaby TaylorDeath of Dawa
  • Barnaby TaylorVulture Rock
  • Barnaby TaylorLeaves
  • Barnaby TaylorLearning to Run
  • Barnaby TaylorDawa's Opportunity
  • Barnaby TaylorLeopard Mountains
  • RACWe Belong (feat. Katie Herzig)
  • Barnaby TaylorLetting Go
  • Barnaby TaylorDawa's Treasure
  • Barnaby TaylorMonkey Waltz
  • American AuthorsEverything Everything
  • AudiomachineSeeds of Promise
  • Barnaby TaylorLoss
  • Barnaby TaylorDawa's Family
  • Barnaby TaylorTogetherness
  • Barnaby TaylorMei Mei Tumble
  • Barnaby TaylorRooster Rumble
  • Barnaby TaylorAlways There
  • Barnaby TaylorDawa Is Injured
  • Barnaby TaylorSomething Terrible
  • Barnaby TaylorTau Tau the Hero
  • Barnaby TaylorGoshawk Attack
  • Barnaby TaylorSiblings
  • Barnaby TaylorMei Mei's Triumph
  • Barnaby TaylorLife Force
  • Barnaby TaylorTau Tau in Winter
  • Barnaby TaylorReunited

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