Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

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Soundtrack music Brokeback Mountain

  • Gustavo SantaolallaOpening
  • Willie NelsonHe Was a Friend of Mine
  • Gustavo SantaolallaBrokeback Mountain 1
  • Emmylou HarrisA Love That Will Never Grow Old
  • Rufus Wainwright & Teddy ThompsonKing of the Road
  • Gustavo SantaolallaSnow
  • Steve EarleThe Devil's Right Hand
  • Mary McBrideNo One's Gonna Love You Like Me
  • Gustavo SantaolallaNo One's Gonna Love You Like Me
  • Gustavo SantaolallaBrokeback Mountain 2
  • Gustavo SantaolallaBrokeback Mountain 3
  • Teddy ThompsonI Don't Want to Say Goodbye
  • Jackie GreeneI Will Never Let You Go
  • Gustavo SantaolallaRiding Horses
  • The Gas BandAn Angel Went Up In Flames
  • Linda RonstadtIt's So Easy
  • Rufus WainwrightThe Maker Makes
  • Gustavo SantaolallaThe Wings
  • Gustavo SantaolallaCamp
  • Gustavo SantaolallaCarrying Sheep
  • Gustavo SantaolallaGetting Drunk
  • Gustavo SantaolallaHorse Love
  • Gustavo SantaolallaCrying in Alley
  • Ken Strange, Randall Pugh & Ron GuffnettJukebox
  • The Raven ShadowsTrust in Lies (feat. Tim Ferguson)
  • The Raven ShadowsAll Night Blues
  • Gustavo SantaolallaPost Office
  • Gustavo SantaolallaKiss
  • Gustavo SantaolallaTractors
  • Gustavo SantaolallaYou Are Late
  • Roger MillerKing of the Road
  • Rick GarciaQuizas, Quizas, Quizas
  • Philharmonia SlavonicaCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34
  • Jeff WilsonMason Dixon Line
  • Stephen StillsFor What It's Worth
  • Tammy WynetteD-I-V-O-R-C-E
  • The Allman Brothers BandMelissa
  • Terry Gadsden & Fred Kinck-PetersenI'll Be Gone
  • Merle HaggardI'm Always On a Mountain When I Fall
  • Gustavo SantaolallaJack Deceased
  • Gustavo SantaolallaCloset
  • Jeff WilsonEyes of Green
  • Gustavo SantaolallaEnding
  • Kevin TrainorI Love Doing Texas With You
  • Teddy Thompson & Rufus WainwrightKing of the Road
  • Roger MillerKing Of The Road - Single Version
  • Merle HaggardI'm Always On a Mountain When I Fall (Rerecorded)

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