Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger

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Soundtrack music Captain America: The First Avenger

  • Alan SilvestriCaptain America Main Titles
  • Alan SilvestriFrozen Wasteland
  • Alan SilvestriSchmidt's Treasure
  • Alan SilvestriFarewell to Bucky
  • Alan SilvestriHydra Lab
  • Alan SilvestriTraining the Supersoldier
  • Alan SilvestriSchmidt's Story
  • Alan SilvestriVitarays
  • Alan SilvestriCaptain America "We Did It"
  • Alan SilvestriKruger Chase
  • Alan SilvestriHostage On the Pier
  • Alan SilvestriGeneral's Resign
  • Alan SilvestriUnauthorized Night Flight
  • Alan SilvestriTroop Liberation
  • Alan SilvestriFactory Inferno
  • Alan SilvestriTriumphant Return
  • Alan SilvestriHowling Commando's Montage
  • Alan SilvestriHydra Train
  • Alan Silvestri"Rain Fire Upon Them"
  • Alan SilvestriMotorcycle Mayhem
  • Alan SilvestriInvasion
  • Alan SilvestriFlight On the Flight Deck
  • Alan Silvestri"This Is My Choice"
  • Alan SilvestriPassage of Time
  • Alan SilvestriCaptain America
  • The Star Spangled SingersStar Spangled Man

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