Harry Potter and the Half-Blood...

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood...

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Soundtrack music Harry Potter and the Half-Blood...

  • Nicholas HooperFarewell Aragog
  • Nicholas HooperDumbledore's Foreboding
  • Nicholas HooperOf Love & War
  • Nicholas HooperWhen Ginny Kissed Harry
  • Nicholas HooperSchool!
  • Nicholas HooperMalfoy's Mission
  • Nicholas HooperThe Slug Party
  • Nicholas HooperInto the Rushes
  • Nicholas HooperSlughorn's Confession
  • Nicholas HooperJourney To the Cave
  • ImmediateTears of Blood
  • Immediate MusicMother Of All The Battles
  • Nicholas HooperOpening
  • Nicholas HooperIn Noctem
  • Brand X MusicCut Me
  • Brand X MusicSorcerer's Secret
  • Brand X MusicNight of The Sorcerer
  • Brand X MusicBittersweet Dreams
  • Immediate MusicCelestial Voyage (No Choir)
  • John WilliamsThe Quidditch Match
  • ImmediatePrometheus Rising
  • Brand X MusicCurious Developments
  • Nicholas HooperDumbledore's Farewell
  • Nicholas HooperThe Killing of Dumbledore
  • Nicholas HooperInferi in the Firestorm
  • Nicholas HooperThe Drink of Despair
  • Josh PowellBig Beat Repeat
  • Nicholas HooperThe Weasley Stomp
  • Nicholas HooperThe Friends
  • Robbie Coltrane & Jim BroadbentOdo The Hero (Written by J.K. Rowling)
  • Nicholas HooperHarry & Hermoine
  • Nicholas HooperRon's Victory
  • x-ray dogCity of Gold
  • x-ray dogTitans (No Choir)
  • x-ray dogImminent Domination
  • Nicholas HooperGinny
  • Nicholas HooperThe Story Begins
  • Nicholas HooperWizard Wheezes
  • Nicholas HooperSnape & the Unbreakable Vow
  • Nicholas HooperLiving Death
  • Nicholas HooperDumbledore's Speech
  • Nicholas HooperThe Book
  • Nicholas HooperInto the Pensieve
  • John WilliamsHedwig's Theme

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