King Arthur: Legend of the Sword...

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword...

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Soundtrack music King Arthur: Legend of the Sword...

  • Daniel PembertonCamelot In Flames
  • Daniel PembertonThe Wolf & the Hanged Men
  • LamentLight of Adian
  • Daniel PembertonJackseye's Tale
  • Daniel PembertonThe Story of Mordred
  • Daniel PembertonVortigen and the Syrens
  • Daniel PembertonThe Legend of Excalibur
  • Daniel PembertonSeasoned Oak
  • Daniel PembertonThe Vikings & the Barons
  • Daniel PembertonTower & Power
  • Daniel PembertonThe Born King
  • Daniel PembertonAssassins Breathe
  • Daniel PembertonRun Londinium
  • Daniel PembertonKing Arthur: The Coronation
  • Sam Lee & Daniel PembertonThe Devil & the Huntsman
  • Daniel PembertonConfrontation with the Common Man
  • Daniel PembertonThe Devil & the Daughter
  • Daniel PembertonAnger
  • Daniel PembertonCave Fight
  • Ryan TaubertDiscovery
  • Daniel Pemberton & Gareth WilliamsThe Politics & the Life
  • Daniel PembertonFrom Nothing Comes a King
  • Ryan TaubertConfronted Truth
  • Daniel PembertonKnights of the Round Table
  • Daniel PembertonThe Power of Excalibur
  • Daniel PembertonKing Arthur: Destiny of the Sword
  • Daniel PembertonRevelation
  • Daniel PembertonThe Darklands
  • Daniel PembertonThe Lady In the Lake
  • Daniel PembertonGrowing Up Londinium
  • Daniel PembertonKing Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  • Daniel PembertonJourney to the Caves
  • Daniel PembertonFireball
  • Daniel PembertonThe Ballad of Londinium
  • Daniel PembertonRiot & Flames

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